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Endpoint Solutions

Data Security and compliance within an enterprise is ever-changing to mitigate risk and adhere to best practices the Armored client meets a range of compliance requirements.

Data security and compliance is ever-changing. SentryBay is the best endpoint security software available globally to protect all devices connecting to your business’s networks from cyber threats while helping you meet legal data security requirements.

Click the buttons below to get more info about our primary endpoint products: SentryBay Armored Client and SentryBay Armored Browser as well as our other specialist security solutions.

Armored Client

SentryBay Armored Client provides real time patented protection to applications & data without needing to detect & respond to threats, kernel level prevention of data exfiltration even if the threats exist. Combined with the secure wrapping of applications and injected security. Including an independent customisable secure Armored Client Browser.


Armored Browser

The Armored Browser is the premier browser-based solution designed for secure access to any SaaS application. It is ideal for protecting online banking, brokerage, wealth management, insurance, healthcare, government and e-commerce portals. It creates a secure environment in order to maximise security – without compromising usability. The product also includes SentryBay’s patented EntryProtect anti-keylogging technology.


Other Endpoint Security Products