ID Theft Protection Services

SentryBay have developed a suite of end user solutions that prevent ID theft, online fraud and protect and monitor sensitive data. Each of the solutions can be white-labelled to a partner or customer, and are designed to provide tangible benefit to the end user – and partner.
​Providing these solutions to end customers provides significant opportunities for customer acquisition, increases customer retention / loyalty and provides key points of difference and value-add to a wide range of products and services.

These products have been deployed globally to enhance the performance of product and services in the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Software

Summary Of Products / Services

The products include a variety of data protection software and data monitoring solutions. All products are designed to work alongside any existing AV or other security software – providing unique additional layers of protection – thus always providing a value-add to end users.

Data Monitoring – scanning/alerts for personal & financial data in open/deep/dark web

  • Public Web Scanning – constantly scans open web for contact information / DOB, personal information (passport/driving license, SSN / tax / identification numbers, financial information (credit / debit cards, accounts numbers etc.) Harnesses power of search engine technology plus unique filtering subsystems to provide relevant, accurate hits – including the source and location of the results.
  • Deep / Dark Web Scanning – scours data from an aggregated set of sources / suppliers to provide hits / alerts on daily basis. Looks for stolen credentials, key personal and financial data found anywhere in deep / dark web and reports on date and source of any finds via real-time alerts.
  • Presentation of results is via API, email/SMS alerts and optional customer portal – multi-lingually as required.

Data Protection Suite – endpoint PC protection software providing secure browsing

  • Protects every keystroke made online and checks integrity of every site – proactively preventing online fraud and data theft without needing to identify malware threats.
  • Visually shows every keystroke being protected in the user’s browser.
  • Protections for anti-keylogging (incl. kernel level), anti-screen capture, dll injection, phishing.
  • App downloaded / installed from customer portal in seconds, providing branded icon. No configuration or customization required.

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Mobile Security Suite – Security features and secure browser software for Android and iOS

  • Apps allow for secure browsing and phishing protection on mobile devices. Protections for Anti-keylogging, anti-screen capture, secure browsing, jailbreak detection. Presents data monitoring alerts within mobile apps. Works on all Android and iOS devices, mobile and tablet.
  • Apps published in Android Play store and Apple iStore – branded and multi-lingual as required.

CryptoSentry – endpoint anti-ransomware software providing proactive protection

  • Cybercriminals typically encrypt files on target PC’s – and demand a ransom for them to be ‘freed’. CryptoSentry identifies and proactively blocks any illegitimate attempt to encrypt files, therefore neutralizing any ransomware attempt. Software provides alerts and relevant information to user.
  • App downloaded / installed from customer portal in seconds, providing branded icon. No configuration or customization required.

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Presentation of Solutions

Any software or service solution can be white labelled to partner or customer.
Monitoring solutions can be customized as required and are multi-lingual. Output can be in the form of an API set of results or include a full customer portal.
The portal and software can be used to integrate the various products and results – or integrate with other products and services provided by the partner / customer.