SentryBay doesn't wait until threats are detected. Proactive steps like scrambling user key strokes, preventing screen capture and phishing keep you safe.



SentryBay gives you peace of mind that your - and your clients' data - is protected in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CPI and other laws.



In a remote work environment where devices are often used for personal and business, SentryBay ensures device security when connecting to your network.



SentryBay creates a secure container within which any application can run - protecting all data at the endpoint without needing to identify the threats.

"70% of breaches originate at the endpoint."

Absolute 2019 Global Endpoint Security Trend Report.

"Average breach takes only minute to take effect and over 200 day to be discovered."

Verizon2016 Data Breach investigation Report

"42%" of all endpoints are unprotected at any given time."

Absolute 2019 Global Endpoint Security Trend Report.

The threat starts with you

The threat starts with you

We've all done one of the following:

  • Accessed company data or files from a personal device
  • Opened an attachment/link from an unknown contact
  • Downloaded an app, software, video or game
  • Ignored software updates
  • Shared viral emails from unknown sources

These are some of the entry points for common cyber threats into our devices. When those unsecure devices connect to your network, your organisation becomes vulnerable.

This has never been more important than in today's work-from-home reality.

SentryBay Armored client protects that endpoint device, whether its company owned or an employee's.

What cyber threats does SentryBay protect you from?

3 clicks to protection.
key logging

Key Logging

screen capture

Screen Capture



bank safe

Man in the browser

bank safe

Man in the middle

bank safe person

code execution problems

bank safe computer

RDP Double Hopping


DLL/code hooking injection

How does SentryBay protect you?

Fast, light & easy to deploy
SentryBay protect

Nominated applications - like Microsoft Word,Excel, etc- are placed inside a secure container, wrapped in multiple security layers.


Armored Client provides a secure way of accessing any corporate remote access system, including Citrix, Vmware, Azure, AWS and other solutions.

SentryBay protect

Kernel level anti key-logging software instantly scrambles user keystrokes before malware can read it.


The SentryBay Armored Browser is hardened and can be locked down to specific URLs matching those services to be accessed.

Ideal for remote access solutions such as Citrix, VMware Horizon, Windows VirtualDesktop,Amazon Workspaces or legacy RDS environments.

SentryBay Core Products

Core Products

Armored Client

SentryBay Armored Client provides real time patented protection to applications & data without needing to detect & respond to threats, kernel level prevention of data exfiltration even if the threats exist. Combined with the secure wrapping of application and injected security. includes an independent, customisable secure armored client Browser.


Armored Browser

The Armored Browser is the premier browser-based solution designed for secure access to any SaaS application. It creates a secure environment in order to maximise secururity - without compromising usability. The product also includes SentryBay's patented EntryProtect anti key logging technology. Ideal for protecting online banking, brokerage, wealth management, insurance, healthcare, government and e-commerce portals.

Additional endpoint security products

The benefits of using SentryBay

As cyber and data security specialists we provide your business with the industry's best endpoint protection, secure remote access and cyber security services..

  • Endpoint security that fills gaps no other solution can effectively provide
  • Meet key compliance requirements for data, risk and endpoint management- PCI,FFIEC,HIPAA,GDPR etc.
  • Easy to centrally configure, distribute,manage and support software (and can be bundled with other apps)
  • Easy for remote user to install- no configuration, no change to user habits, no effect on CPU performance
  • CAPEX saving when enabling BYOD devices rather than purchasing corporate devices for remote woking
  • Work alongside - and protects - all other security software/solutions- PCI,VPN,AV etc.

SentryBay Pricing





Product Features

Configurable to protect Office 365 Apps

    This includes:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • OneNote

The Armored Client includes the Armored Browser

Tier 1 features plus:

    Remote Access solutions:

  • Such as Citrix
  • VMware Horizon,
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Amazon Workspaces
  • legacy RDS environments

The Armored Client includes the Armored Browser

Tier 1 and 2 features plus:

The capability to apply the Armored Client security controls to any other installed application

The Armored Client includes the Armored Browser

1 - 499 users $92.00 $138.00 Contact for pricing
500 - 999 users $87.40 $131.10 Contact for pricing
1000 - 1999 users $82.80 $124.20 Contact for pricing
2000 users + Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing
Prices are in $AUD and are exclusive of GST. Prices are per user per annum based on an annual subscription of twelve months.

Get endpoint protection for your organisation today.

Some leading companies using SentryBay

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