Dark Sentry

SentryBay has developed an aggregated set of public, deep and dark web data that is well indexed and can be flexibly searched. Through proprietary technology and the amalgamation of a global set of suppliers, this data set is geographically specialised, and can be tailored to individual enterprise or segment requirements. This allows SentryBay to provide a range of services that can – in real time –provide threat intelligence and alerts to companies and end users.

Dark Sentry Services

  • Real-Time Credential Monitoring – usernames/email, password/PIN (including hashes)
  • Corporate Domain Monitoring – corporate analysis, feedback and alerts on key domains
  • End User Data Monitoring – credit card/bank account, SSN/tax/insurance/ID number, email/contact information, passport/driver license etc.

Presentation Of Data

  • The following options are available for deployment:
  • API – REST-based API feeds/results
  • Dedicated corporate portal (or providing inputs to existing enterprise portal)
  • Customer web-based portal

Benefits Of Sentry Bay Data Monitoring Services

  • Widest global base of open, deep and dark web data scanning
  • Ability to “point” scanners to specific relevant data sources and specially filter results
  • Ability to customise API/data inputs to meet different data presentation needs
  • Can combine credential/data scanning with SentryBay endpoint software to further harden use of remote access, corporate and SaaS applications
  • Meets NIST, GDPR, PCI and other compliance requirements