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SentryBay Armored Browser

The Armored Browser is a premier browser-based solution designed to secure access to any SaaS browser-based application. It is designed for protecting online banking, accounting, brokerage, wealth management, insurance, healthcare, government and e-commerce portals. It provides a secure environment in order to maximise security without compromising usability. The product includes SentryBay’s patented EntryProtect anti-keylogging technology.

The Armored Browser requires no integration at the enterprise back-end so it is able to be deployed quickly with a simple email and authorised download link.

The Armoured Browser has been designed to interact with any legacy systems (e.g. OTP/hard tokens) as required. The application is able to be branded and customised to the institution including dedicated tabs, directing to the desired SaaS services like online banking, accounting platform and more.

Armored Browser Features

Cross platform, locked-down browser

Entry Protect anti-key logging

PhishLock anti-phishing

DNS/host file protection

Encryption of browser data

Leave-no-trace upon closing

Interoperability with other authentication mechanisms/PKI

We are flexible in the deployment method and strategy working with the consultant, Reseller or end client to set up and roll out a secure environment where the users download the Armored Client from.

For a user, deployment is simple. There is one email that is sent out to the nominated email address. The user clicks on the link and logs in with the info from the email, names their device and starts the download.
The download is 50mb so it can be downloaded easily and quickly. Once downloaded, the user will run the file which will start loading the software.

Once completed the software starts working protecting data from keylocking, screen capture and more. No need for a computer restart.

Should there be additional requirements an enterprise has there are a number of hosting options available.

Option 1
Redite Hosted Service

This is a Redite hosted service, from which we can setup multiple individuals

Option 2
Reseller Hosted Portal

The Reseller/Partner/MSP hosts the Armored Client portals on their own infrastructure (private/public cloud) and SentryBay offer consultancy for setup

Option 3
Customer Hosted Portal

The end customer hosts the Armored Client portals on their own infrastructure (private/public cloud) and SentryBay offer consultancy for setup

Option 4
Redite Dedicated Service

This is a Redite hosted service, which would be dedicated to the single customer.